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Keeping Dance Simple!

Tutoring sessions for beginning dancers for weddings or just for fun are available, please allow three private sessions per dance.

Dance really is about knowing how to use your feet and body with understanding the different dance phrasings, so that when you are out social dancing you will better understand which dance applies. 

By concentrating on simple clean dance patterns, general basic technique, proper frame, lead and follow, you will able to apply this to a social environment.

We will be concentrating on the dance as well as practice ideas and error recovery technique; so there is no such thing as a social dance mistake and you will be able to practice at home with the music of your choice.

All sessions are private and available by appointment only. Sessions are taught in a residential home in the Indian School and Eubank area.

Please call (505) 321-1654 for current specials.

Please bring heavy comfortable athletic socks with you to class. This saves you the cost of proper dance shoes, and allows you to learn faster. The Dance Floor is a Floating Wood Dance Floor and is extremely easy on the feet and joints.

If you have foot problems requiring special support I suggest, hard sole or suede sole Dance Sneakers available at New Mexico Dancewear at Wyoming and Menaul in Hoffmantown shopping center (505) 292-2747.

Please no street sneakers, street shoes, or character shoes.
Please do not wear your dance shoes outside. Thank you for your cooperation.
Dances Taught:
American style smooth; Tango, Waltz, Foxtrot and American style rhythm; Rumba, Cha Cha, Salsa, Mambo, East Coast and West Coast Swing and  Original American Nightclub two-step,  Country Dances; Country two-step, some other Country dances may be available by request.  

All sessions are private and available by appointment only.

Contact for additional information: (505) 321-1654 or

Dance Studios:
Please be considerate and not tie up valuable time by making appointments you know you will not be keeping. I will be happy to discuss most any reasonable question by phone or by email. We are all professional adults.

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