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We specialize in the beginning dancer for weddings and just for fun!

Dance really is about knowing how to use your feet and body with understanding the different dance phrasings, so that when you are out social dancing everything will fall into place.

We concentrate on clean dance patterns, general technique, proper frame, lead and follow, timing, and dance phrasing for the dance you are interested in learning. This makes dancing anywhere more enjoyable. With these skills, you will be able to better understand which dance applies when you are dancing at a social event.

Beginning social dancing is great for Weddings and just for fun. Learn in a very personable, distraction-free private space located in the Eubank and Indian School neighborhood in NE, Albuquerque NM, with easy access. You will never have any onlookers.

The main goal at "Just wanna dance" is to get you dancing so you will feel comfortable going out and using your new dance skills as quickly as possible. Practice ideas and error recovery are covered; so there is no such thing as a social dance mistake.

Large studios have multiple classes going on at one time, creating lots of festivities; however, at “Just wanna dance” you have the floor space, and your dance instructor for your entire lesson. Most students find they will learn more in one private lesson at "Just wanna dance" than two or three private lessons at most large studios.

At Just wanna dance Your dance goals are top priority!

Please bring heavy comfortable athletic socks with you to class. This saves you the cost of proper dance shoes, and allows you to learn faster. The Dance Floor is a Floating Wood Dance Floor and is extremely easy on the feet and joints because it has some give.  If you have foot problems and need special support I suggest Dance Sneakers available at New Mexico Dancewear at Wyoming and Menaul. Please don't wear your dance shoes outside. Socks are the easiest and the least expensive to make learning beginning dance faster. 

Call (505)321-1654 for any further information you may need.

Dances Taught are the most popular Social Partner Dances:

 1. American Style Tango 

 2. Waltz (3 beats per measure)
 3. Foxtrot

 4. Salsa

 5. Mambo

 6. Rumba 

 7. Cha Cha

 8. Merengue
 9. Original Nightclub Two-Step (slight rise and fall like Waltz with rhythm like basics, 4 beats per measure)

10. East Coast Swing

11. West Coast Swing

12. Country Two Step (some other country dances May be available by request.)

Dances Not Taught:
Folk Dances; Theatrical Dances; or any other dance not specifically listed under Dances Taught.

Instructor Background:

Every student is different. Cookie cutter teaching systems don't recognize this fact. Karen brings you a full array of teaching methods drawn from lessons taken in tap, jazz, ballroom, swing, and Latin dance, figure skating, ice dance, martial arts, and learning to play various musical instruments. This allows Karen to fit the lesson to you so you can learn faster.

Karen began her dance experience in the third grade. Early years consisted of 10 years of tap and jazz. Starting in 1993 Karen began studying ballroom, Latin and swing through UNM, and then continued with private coaching through some major dance studios, and many visiting coaches. Karen competed from 1995 to 2002 both pro-am and with amateur partners at her level; however all the trophies pale in comparison to the light in a student’s face who discovers the joy of dancing. Karen began teaching dance in 2003 creating Just wanna dance, a very relaxed dance space.


Please call 505-321-1654 prior to your scheduled lesson time if you will not be keeping your appointment. If necessary leave a voice message or text. Out of courtesy for the students I am working with, I do not answer my phone during a lesson. I do check messages between lessons.

Please remember your lesson time is reserved and planned exclusively for you.

If necessary, use your GPS to find the intersection of Indian School and Eubank. From that point please use the very simple directions given to you by phone or email when you book a lesson. There have been problems with some GPS systems from that point to my home dance space. You are looking for a well lit house and the home dance space is not visible from the street.

Dance Studios:
Please be considerate and not tie up valuable time by making appointments you know you will not be keeping. I will be happy to discuss most any reasonable question by phone or by email. We are all professional adults.

All lessons are by appointment Tuesday through Saturday evenings.

Contact Information:  Phone  505-321-1654  or email   karen.lantz@yahoo.com for any further information you may need.

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